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Vše naprosto v pořádku. Spokojenost a další nákup opět zde.


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Široký výběr


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rychlé vyřízení objednávky bez zbytečných průtahů


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Vše proběhlo ok.


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vše dorazilo v pořádku a včas. Ochota odpovídat na dotazy


Seznam produktů výrobce Clarke Tinwhistle

A whole variety of historical moments took place in 1843. Charles Dickens published ‘A Christmas Carol’, Mendelssohn wrote his famous Wedding March, Wagner’s opera, ‘The Flying Dutchman’, was first performed, Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first Christmas card, Brunel’s tunnel under the River Thames was opened, Nelson’s column was erected in Trafalgar Square, and in a tiny village in Suffolk, England, Robert Clarke created the tin whistle.

More than 170 years after the Clarke Tinwhistle was created, it still remains the favourite instrument of many musicians throughout the world.

Our tin whistles continue to be hand crafted, and Robert Clarke’s traditional conical bore has been retained to give the instrument its unique ‘chiff’ sound. No other whistle has the same degree of ‘chiff’ as a Clarke.

So play it, enjoy it, and join millions of musicians who started in music with the famous Clarke Tinwhistle.

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Zobrazeno 1 – 18 z 18 položek